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The oldest documentation of the town of Saunay is “Solonacensis Vicus”, mentioned by Gregory of Tours, and dates from the 6th century. Then, in the 10th century, “Sulnacum Villa” appears, it was at this period when the village was divided into two parishes, each one having a sanctuary dedicated respectively to Saint Mary and Saint Gervais. 

In the 13th century, “Sonnayum” is named in texts, then “Sonnay” in the 17th century. It is only after the XIXth century, that the commune will take the definitive name of “Saunay”, that we know today.

Points of interest

Notre Dame Church


Built in the 11th century with alterations until the 16th century, this church is supposed to be the successor of the one founded by Saint-Martin.

The wainscoting and the apse date from the 16th century. Inside, there is a carved and gilded oak altarpiece, stained glass windows from the 19th century and a funerary plaque from the 9th century. The bell of 1637 has been classified.

Old Church of Saint Gervais


Today a house since 1720, the church of Saint-Gervais was built in the 11th century. Two churches existed at the same time, one next to the other and the village was divided into two parishes, each with its own parish.

Church Square


This is the place where the old cemetery used to be. Several sarcophagi from the Merovingian and Carolingian eras and belt fittings from the 7th century have been found.

At the site of the present cemetery, a treasure of 203 coins, mostly in bronze, was found, apparently hidden in 275 in the Gallo-Roman necropolis.

The Big Mill - The Small Mill


The big mill, as well as the small mill, are ancient wheat mills, working thanks to the power of the water of the river, the Gault.

The Mill of Grené


Unlike the Grand and Petit Moulin, this mill was used to grind oak bark into powder for the tanning industry in Château-Renault.

The Frémondières


Former home of Camille Mortier, an individual from the village. A self-taught sculptor (1897-1991), he was a worker at the Château-Renault sawmill and devoted his leisure time to wood sculpture.




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