Saint-Laurent-en-Gâtines has magnificent sites and monuments of interest. The commune is located in the historical Gâtine and is watered by many rivers such as the Choisille, the Madelon and the Glaise…

Points of interest

La Grand'Maison Church


This building, surrounded by a moat and lit by mullioned windows, was the former Châtel-Grange dimière, probably built in the 15th century to house the Abbot of Marmoutier whenever he wanted. About 25 meters high, it consisted of a first floor, three additional floors, and two attics. The Grand’maison was sold during the Revolution in February 1791 as a national asset. It is a unique monument in Touraine, listed in the inventory of historical monuments, which would certainly have disappeared without its transformation into a parish church by the architect Gustave Guérin, in 1862.

Notre-Dame-de-Chenusson Priory


In the 12th century, the Abbey of Saint-Julien was placed under the order of Saint-Benoît. It became a priory-cure between 1144 and 1290. At the time, it was a fief, under the authority of the castle of Tours and had the right of high justice. It was redesigned in the 16th century. From this period, two windows are preserved. The door frames are decorated with pilasters with ornate capitals. In 1820, two owners shared the possession.

Saint Roch's Chapel


Located on the edge of the woods, opposite the priory on the other bank of the stream, the Saint Roch chapel is a creation from the beginning of the 20th century. It might have been used as a funeral chapel for a family from Chenusson.




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