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Nouzilly is located in the southern part of the Gâtine Tourangelle. Its territory is covered in woods and shaped by the valleys of the various arms of the small Choisille tributary of the Loire River. One of its sources is in Nouzilly, as well as one of the streams called Petite Choisille. 

The hills and valleys created by the river add to the charm of the landscape, and make up an important tourist attraction for the commune.

Bellevue, Beauregard, Beau Soleil, Bel Air, the pretty names of the hamlets testify to the good life in Nouzilly.

Points of interest

Castle of la Harlandière


In the 14th century, this domain belonged to the Abbey of Beaumont-lès-Tours. In a deed of 1748, it was still mentioned as being the property of this abbey. At the beginning of the century, the property belonged to the David-Saint-Clair family, then it passed to the Lauer family who became known in the world of medieval history (Pierre Lauer), Egyptian archaeology (Philippe Lauer) and music (Daniel Lesur).

Castle of la Roche d’Ambille


This place was called La Roche-aux-Nonains, La Roche-aux-Dames and La Roche-d’Ambille (12th and 13th centuries).

This fief was under the jurisdiction of the provost of Oé with simple faith and homage. It belonged to the Abbey of Beaumont-lès-Tours. When taking possession of the abbey, the new abbess had to offer a goblet of half a silver mark to the provost of Oé. In 1791, this domain was sold nationally for 38500 pounds.

The laundry


The wash house of Bellefontaine is fed by the spring of the Manor of Bellefontaine.

The wash house of the pond is fed by the Petite Choisille de Gué Chapelle, it is located in the Rue du Lac.

The Harlandière wash house is private, it is below the castle, on the edge of the D4.

The « Caesar ditches »


The remains of the enclosure of the ancient and vast camp are probably of Gallic origin which could correspond to the first known occupation, but this has never been proven. In the form of large ditches bordered by an embankment, these ruins are located to the southwest of the Choisille Valley. A small stone monument stands approximately in the center of this enclosure (the Menhir of Hallier).

Saint-André Church


The church was partially destroyed during the 100 years war. Rebuilt in the 16th century, it was later restored in 1865. The bell tower does not communicate with the interior of the church. A high relief of the 12th and 13th century in stone installed in the south-west corner is supposed to represent a money lender. He is wearing a big purse around his neck.




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