Visit Neuville-sur-Brenne

A charming village seated on the banks of the Brenne River, you will be able to appreciate all the historical and traditional facets of the commune thanks to its buildings, but also thanks to its natural beauty found in the valley of the Brenne and in the Touraine Gâtine.

Points of interest

Notre Dame Church


This building was built in the 12th century as a priory by the Abbey of Marmoutier and also served as a parish church. At the time of the revolution, the church was disused, and the bishop of Tours judged the inhabitants as being “impious and defiant.” The property of the church was transferred to the church of Château-Renault. Neuville-sur-Brenne did not get them back until 1847 when the parish was re-established.

Castle of Valbrenne


Former property of the scientist-botanist Henri Dutrochet, whose name the current village school bears. Overlooking the left bank of the Brenne, this beautiful 19th century building is flanked by two corner towers and is built on two levels.

Private Gravel


A house of the 15th century but today restored.

The name “Gravier” refers to the river, the Brenne, which left a large alluvium.

"Cellars" of Villefrain


Caves in the limestone cliff along the Brenne valley.

Mill of Perchêne


Built on the edge of the river, you can discover this 11th century mill, installed in the hamlet of the same period. At first a wheat mill, it was used as a tanning mill in the 19th century for the tanneries. You can still appreciate the mechanism and the millstream. But remember, it is a private property.




Neuville-sur-Brenne Town Hall
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