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The first traces of the commune of Morand date back to the creation of a village by a Germanic lord, named Moderannus, around the year 1000. 

In the 11th century, the commune of Morand was referred to as Villa Moranni, it was a fortified estate. It seems to have been replaced by the property of Foulques Nerra, the keep of Chérament, a place located in the neighboring commune of Saint-Nicolas-des-Motets, which was used to watch over the land from invasions. 

The name “Moran” appeared in 1290, but it seems that the addition of the final consonant, thereafter, has no precise explanation.

Points of interest

Saint Jean-Baptiste Church


The first church built in Morand dates back to the 12th century, but it is highly possible that a chapel was built earlier, during the creation of “Villa Moranni” (Morand) in the 11th century.

The façade of the church dates from the 15th century, when the building was redesigned. The bell tower is composed of a spire made of a frame covered with slates. It rests on the ridge of the nave which is covered with flat tiles. The juxtaposition of the slate and the tiles gives the building an astonishing look.

The town hall


The town hall has been installed in the old presbytery since 1915, the last abbot having resided there until 1910.

As the town hall only occupied the first floor of the building, Mr. Gantier, a blacksmith, rented the second floor of the building as his personal accommodation. He installed his forge in a shed that he built in the land dependent on the presbytery. It was installed there until 1990.

Today, the cross on the left side of the presbytery remains.

The old castle of Morand


As early as the 11th century, a fortified castle surrounded by water seems to have existed to defend the territory. Transformed in the 15th century into a castle for pleasure by the various successive owners, the castle no longer exists today. It was demolished in 1882, due to the lack of means to maintain it by its last owners.

Today, only the moats of the medieval period remain.




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