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Located at the meeting of two departments, Monthodon (Terra de Monte Holdonis) appeared in 1042 with the creation of a priory in charge of clearing the Gâtine forest.

Le Sentier (Mons Hidulfo villa) appeared in the 11th century. In 1822, Le Sentier was attached to Monthodon, causing  discontent from the inhabitants of Le Sentier who temporarily converted to Protestantism to mark their disapproval. 

Thus the commune has the particularity, today, of having two distinct boroughs, each with its own heritage, allowing you to follow two independent pedestrian loops, each with its own family loop. On the program, you will discover the landscapes of Gâtine, the valley of the Glaise, along with the monuments and events which made the history of the commune.

Points of interest

The Church of Saint-Etienne


The primitive church was built in the 12th century. From this period, it is possible to discover the bases of the walls of the nave, and on the facade, the door in full arch. Restoration work in the 15th and 16th centuries gave it its present architectural appearance.

The town hall and its majestic lebanese cedar, dating from the Revolution


The protestant church


A Protestant church was built in 1896 by the inhabitants of the Sentier, following their massive conversion to Protestantism in 1895.

Old railway track "Le pain sec" at the level of the hallaut


A train line linked Château-Renault to Port-Boulet via Neuvy-le-Roi and Bourgueil from 1885 to 1949. The nickname “Pain Sec” (Dry Bread) was given to the train because it was said that the train ran so slowly, at about 20 kilometers per hour, that the bread bought in Château-Renault arrived dry in the neighboring village of La Ferrière.

The private church of Saint-Pierre


The church seems to have been rebuilt in the 15th century as attested to by a large part of the architectural elements. The church was dedicated to Saint Genest before being dedicated to Saint Peter.




Monthodon Town Hall
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