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Located at the meeting of two departments and three cantons, between the Valley of the Loir and the Valley of the Loire; the small Dêmée River crosses the territory from east to west and flows into the Dême tributary of the Loir. The village gathers all the best elements of nature: a river, a hilly landscape strewn with woods, lands, meadows, and numerous ponds forming an idyllic countryside.

Points of interest

Saint-Benoit's wash house and fountain


Located not far from the Dêmée, near the small mill, the wash house built in the 19th century has a gable on which a slate star is placed. Inside the wash house, there is a chimney and two beams to drain the laundry. The wash house also covers a spring sourced by the Saint-Benoit fountain.



A former stronghold built in the 15th and 17th centuries, a defensive turret is still present near the Dêmée Valley. This defensive turret, whose archways are still visible, is the only apparent vestige of the Vallière seigneury. It was located at the corner of the defense system, overlooking a moat and dominating the Dêmée Valley.



A beautiful manor house built in the 19th century, elements of 16th century architecture are still present. The lords of Vautourneux were very influential in the area.

The city hall


Built in the 19th century, this building was erected to house the town hall and the boys’ school.

Saint-Benoit Church


The present building dates back to the 12th century, but major alterations in the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries have given it its present-day architecture. In the 11th century, there was already a chapel on the land which had been built by hermits and which was known under the name of Capella Hugonis.



Located in the center of the town, this priory, once occupied by the monks who cleared the surrounding Gâtines forest, is built on cellars dating from the 12th century. Probably built at the same time as the church, which stands nearby, it depended on the Abbey of the Trinity of Vendôme. Partly restored, it keeps beautiful vestiges of the 16th century on its northern gable.




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