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Boulay is located in the department of Indre-et-Loire, in the region Centre-Val de Loire, in the natural region of Gâtine de Touraine. The commune is located 27 km northeast of Tours, on the border of the Indre-et-Loire and Loir-et-Cher departments alongside the city of Vendôme, which is 25.9 km from Le Boulay.

The 12 km long Glaise River, a right bank tributary of the Brenne River, marks the municipal boundary of Le Boulay to the north and northeast, up to its confluence with the Brenne, which encircles the territory of Le Boulay to the east where a small mill operated at this location.

Although it is probable that iron ore deposits were exploited in the commune since ancient times, the history of Le Boulay is only well documented from the middle of the 12th century. At that time, a priory of Benedictine nuns was established, which was previously located on the border between Le Boulay and Château-Renault. The priory, whose peak was in the middle of the 17th century after its re-establishment by the Archbishop of Tours, Bertrand d’Eschaud, disappeared in the first half of the 18th century.

Points of interest

Saint-Sulpice Church


The church is located in the chapel of the former priory of the Benedictines, founded in the 12th century. In the 18th century, when the priory was disused, the building became a parish church. Numerous restorations and modifications, carried out in the 19th century, gave the church its present architectural features.

The town hall


The town hall is located within the walls of the former priory of the Benedictines, in the presbytery to be precise. The building dates back to the 16th century, a mullioned window on the first floor, on the gable, reminds us of the constructions of this period.

The old railway line
« Le pain sec »


From 1885 to 1949, a train line linked Château-Renault to Port-Boulet via Neuvy-le-Roi and Bourgueil.

The nickname “Pain Sec” (Dry Bread) was given to this line because it was said that the train that ran on it was so slow, about 20 kilometers per hour, that the bread bought in Château-Renault arrived dry in La Ferrière (a town located 10 km from Le Boulay)!




Le Boulay Town Hall
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