Visit Autrèche

The commune of Autrèche seems to have emerged in the Middle Ages with the help of the Abbey of Fontaines-les-Blanches, founded in the 12th century. However, the name, Altirpium, already appeared in the 9th century to describe the area in a charter made by Emperor Charles the Great.

Points of interest

The Town Hall, the Coat of Arms


A nice building with exposed bricks on which is affixed the coat of arms of Autrèche.

Each symbol on the coat of arms represents a quality of the commune: the bar and the fleur de lys evoke the allegiance to the duchy of Touraine. The tower evokes the ancient fortifications; the tree, the forest; the ear of corn and the sunflower flower, the crops; the cans, the hunting; and the wavy binoculars, the streams and the pond of Héronnières.

Castle of Beaumarchais


On the other side of the road is the Beaumarchais estate, now a breeding park. 

Through the trees you may see a beautiful house.

It was built in the 19th century, of stone and brick, on the ruins of an old monastery. The name “beaumarchais” which means “beautiful pond” in old Tourangeau, was certainly given to it in reference to the pond behind the castle.

Saint-Martin 's Church


Classified on the list of Historic Monuments since 1926, the church of Romanesque style, was built at the end of the 11th century. Restoration work took place in the 19th century, notably the roof in 1848.

Castle of Hayes


While scanning the horizon on the plain which opens before you, it is possible to see, at certain periods of the year, the Castle of Hayes, dating from the 19th century, today it is a private property.

Castle of la Remberge


The thick wood that you are walking around encloses the private property of the Remberge, a magnificent 19th century residence built by an Irish family.

Pond of the Heronries


Fishing pond, on reservation.




Autrèche Town Hall
4 place du Général Koenig, 37110 Autrèche
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