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Saint-Pierre private Church


The church seems to have been rebuilt in the 15th century as evidenced by many of the architectural elements. The...

Well and pump


The valley of the Madelon, a river running through Crotelles, is rich in springs, wells and fountains. The well located...

The Clock Tower


Old fortified gate of the 12th-14th centuries was recently restored, which defended the main entrance of the castle

Notre-Dame Church


The church as you see it today is a combination of constructions and remodeling from the 11th to the 19th century. The...

Saint Nicolas Church


The church you are discovering is installed in the chapel of the former priory of the Benedictine nuns, founded in the...

Saint-Etienne Church


The primitive church was built in the 12th century. From this period, it is possible to discover the bases of the walls...

Old railway track “Le Pain...


A train line linked Château-Renault to Port-Boulet via Neuvy-le-Roi and Bourgueil from 1885 to 1949. You can walk on a...

Morand Town hall


The town hall is installed in the old presbytery since 1915, the last abbot having resided there until 1910. As the...

La Vasrole Mill


In 1667, Louis XIV was King of France and Navarre. The mill was then owned by the clergy. Today, the flour mill has...

Saint André Church


It was partially destroyed during the 100 years war. Rebuilt in the 16th century, it was restored in 1865. The bell...

Saint Vincent and Saint Gilles Church


The church has a nave with three bays and ends with a semicircular apse. The apse, lit by three round-headed windows,...